Fifth annual Rieger Regatta to take place Saturday!

Fifth annual Rieger Regatta to take place Saturday!

In the early 1980s in Tioga County, N.Y., rafting on the Susquehanna was a large event that attracted many from the region to descend down the winding Susquehanna River on their homemade crafts. But the river rafting soon ended until Jeffrey Rieg, a 1985 Owego Free Academy graduate, prompted a revival of sorts. This revival, […]

Photos: Tioga County Relay for Life; July 24, 2015

Tioga County Relay for Life; Sept. 24, 2015

On Friday, July 24, Tioga County Relay for Life kicked off their annual Owego, fundraising event at the Owego Free Academy. Campers were arriving by 7 p.m. on Friday for a night under the stars, and to honor and remember those who have struggled with cancer. The event, which continues until Saturday morning, benefits the […]

Like sheep we have been led astray

Dear Editor, One of reasons for Sept. 11 World Trace Center attacks was admitted to be due to our country’s moral breakdown. The attackers’ admitted to this saying they didn’t want our normal immoral culture in their villages. I was shocked that my country had fallen that far. When I looked at our government and […]