It’s time to rebuild

Dear Editor, The name of my party is Rebuild Owego and I take the rebuild part of that name to heart. I first ran in 2012 to help the Village rebuild from the flood and I am running again to ensure we keep moving forward. I am looking to build infrastructure, not remove it, to […]

Readers’ Column for the week of Feb. 22, 2015

You may call the Owego Pennysaver Readers’ Column at (607) 687-2378 24-hours a day, or e-mail comments to readerscolumn@stny.rr.com. We reserve the right to revise or reject any message. The Tioga County Sheriff’s office and the New York State Police barracks in Owego are 5.9 miles away from each other. Driving the speed limit it […]

Maybe we will find a few things in Cuomo’s closet

Dear Editor, U. S. Attorney Preet Bharara is definitely shacking up Albany. Normally a corruption case like Assembly Speaker Sheldon would be sufficient, but he claims he is just getting warmed up. Here are some interesting statements: “It seems to be that every time effective investigators like the ones we work with begin to turn […]

Beauty and the Beast, a stellar production

Dear Editor, The Owego Apalachin Music Department’s performance of Beauty and The Beast was a stellar production. I had the great pleasure of seeing it on Saturday night and was very impressed, not only with the leads, who were great, but with all the performers and the crew that it takes to put on a […]


Dear Editor, It seems too much of a coincidence that since our president allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to enter our country and settle in that now, all of a sudden, we are dealing with old diseases like measles and TB flaring up. How many of those thousands of infants, teens, and adults ever had […]

Check the minutes to discount rumors

Dear Editor, I’m quite confused with the letter to the editor sent by Mayor Millar and his support for the OFD/EMS services for the Village of Owego. When the proposed 2014 OFD Operating Manual was presented to the village board [which if passed would have eliminated the Owego Fire Board and many of its dedicated […]