Angel Food Ministries Offers a Greater Helping Hand in Owego

Angel Food Ministries (, an organization dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality food to those in need, is offering relief and joy to more people in the Greater Binghamton Area. The past year has seen tremendous growth in the number of distribution sites available to people in our region increasing from nearly 20 sites to 36 host sites within a 50 mile radius of Binghamton. The Owego site has been helping people for over 3 years now. “Our greatest challenge is getting people aware of our program, we are here to help,” says Benjamin Robinson, director of the Owego site.

In response to the current economic conditions, there is a greater need for Angel Food’s services nationwide and expansion of services to the people around Binghamton is one example of the amplified need for quality, affordable food, which is the core of Angel Food’s mission.

Angel Food provides individuals and families with fresh, brand name food for a fraction of the retail price. By purchasing food in bulk, directly from some of the top suppliers in the country, food is discounted by up to 50 percent of retail. A standard medium-sized box of food may be purchased for $31, and contains top quality food staples from every food group, including chicken or beef, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits. The menu selections vary each month, and consist of both fresh and frozen items, saving Americans money with no sacrifice to quality. There is even a box geared towards the nutritional for people on the go.

Angel Food Ministries is also pleased to announce a new structuring of food boxes to give people added savings. The Bit-O-Blessing Box (contains 7 items) is a new smaller food box geared to individuals for only $21 (in store price $40-$45 locally). The Bread of Life Signature Box (contains 18 items) can help feed a family of 4 for a week at only $31 (in store price $50-$60 locally). The NEW Bountiful Blessing Box (contains 24 items) is available for only $41 (in store price $70-$80 locally).

“Common misconceptions with Angel Food is that it is only for those with a low income, or if you order then you are taking food from someone else that needs it, or it is low quality – these simply are not the case,” says Robinson. Angel Food Ministries’ service is available to anyone. There are no income requirements, though they do accept Food Stamps for those that use them. There are no limits to the quantity of boxes per individual, nor are there any applications or qualifications for eligibility.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about how to utilize Angel Food’s services can call 1-888-819-3745 or visit to find the nearest host site. In the Owego area, there are two sites listed, with one being Abide in the Vine at the Washington Gladden Building in Owego, and the other being St. Mark’s Episcopal Church located in Candor.

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