AFRTC to hold joint meeting with Southern Tier Tea Party

Americans for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC) will be holding a joint meeting with the Southern Tier Tea Party on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 6:30 p.m. at Brothers 2 Banquet Room in Endwell. The presentation that evening is, ‘Seven Miracles that saved America : A Message for the Season of Miracles’ and is presented by Jane Stebela.

Americans have always thought of their country as having a special, even divine destiny. Does God have a divine purpose for America? If so, does he expect more of America? Three-quarters of Americans think so. There have been many times over history that the great American Experiment could and should have failed but didn’t. What are some historical examples when it had to be Devine Intervention that saved America to survive for another day?

This meeting is open to the public. Come and socialize with people who are of kindred spirit regarding love of God and love of country.

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