A Save More Furniture Christmas story

A Save More Furniture Christmas storyThe customers are amazed by the Save more Furniture Store and the Beds 4 Kids Give-aways, and recently asked how it all got started. The truth is one of those great Christmas stories that started six years ago.

In December of 2006, Leonard Hilldale, Beds 4 Kids owner, wanted to adopt a family for Christmas with a group of friends and neighbors. They all chipped in some money for a tree, presents and a Christmas dinner. When Leonard stopped by to deliver the tree, he saw the family of five kids and a dad had terrible sleeping conditions. So as a Christmas surprise, he got local stores to donate beds, frames, sheets, comforters and pillows for the entire family. One of the kid’s neighborhood friends commented on how beautiful their new beds were, and she wished she had a bed like them. One more bed was donated and Beds 4 Kids was off and running.

A Save More Furniture Christmas storyIt is six years later and Beds 4 Kids has given away over 32,000 beds; the Save More Furniture Store was started and now fully funds Beds 4 Kids. They are now launching their newest charity, Coats N Clothes 4 Kids.

Coats N Clothes 4 Kids will give back to our own communities by collecting gently used clothing and re-distributing the donations to those in need within the same communities. They feel there is enough clothing in our area to keep the kids warm and well-dressed all year long. They will also be working with the clothing banks in the areas that provide their customers with clothing free of charge.

They envision this year round program to be a complete solution to the needs in our area.

If you were to stretch, end to end, the 32,000 Mattresses and Box Springs that Beds 4 Kids has given away, they would stretch 79 miles. They intend to have the same sort of impact on clothing, with a focus on children. They anticipate by this time next year they will have spent well over a quarter of a million dollars on this program, and will have given away millions of articles of clothing. Nine school districts are already on board and have agreed to have clothing collection sheds on their property.

So be sure to visit Save More Furniture, the best Feel Good Purchase in Town! They are open Monday through Saturday, from10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Stroll through their newly opened areas and find that perfect Christmas gift for yourself or someone else. Their Elves will even help you load your sleigh! The best part is that every sale supports Beds 4 Kids and Coats N Clothes 4 Kids.

To learn more, visit them at 100 Elm St. in Owego, N.Y.

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