Spencer voters encouraged to vote for experienced leadership

Dear Editor,
My husband and I have lived in Spencer over 50 years. We have had the privilege of bringing up our children and grandchildren in this town. We believe Spencer to be environmentally safe, and one of the most beautiful places in this country to live.

We appreciate the continued improvement in the town roads and fact that the Town Board has made every effort to keep excessive increases on our taxes to a minimum.

We cherish the rights and liberties granted to us by our Creator and protected by the U.S. Constitution. One such right, private property ownership, is very important to us.  Nationally we see more and more infringement of personal property rights. Thankfully the past and current Spencer Town Board members have been cognizant of potential abuses and have resisted pressure from outside special interest groups from eroding our property rights.

We appeal to the Spencer Voters to vote for Experienced Leaders; Randall Thayer for Town Supervisor, and Bernard Smith and Allen Fulkerson for Town Board members.


Arne and Joyce Pasto

Spencer, N.Y.


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